5 Steps To Drive Business Agility

5 Steps To Drive Business Agility   Business Agility One of the leading reasons Agile transformations fail is inexperience with managing transformational change.  That’s why Project Brilliant offers a complete Business Agility consulting program for organizations of all sizes. No matter what stage of transformation […]

Episode 1: Bullseye

The Agile Bullseye   Episode 1 http:/https://player.vimeo.com/video/504486342   Aaron Kopel Aaron Kopel is the founder and CEO of Project Brilliant LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in Agile transformation and the application of the Agile mindset to entire organizations. He is an Enterprise Agile Coach […]

The Agile Alphabet Part 2

The Agile Alphabet Part 2 In my last article, I started an agile alphabet of terms commonly used when working with agile teams. This article finishes the alphabet. N is for neuroscience Neuroscience seeks to understand the human brain and how it functions, including how we learn. If […]

This Is Agile

This Is Agile As an Agile coach and trainer, I have had many rewarding Agile experiences working with clients. When something great happens for them, I gain satisfaction from seeing them learn and grow. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to be on the receiving end […]