6 Steps To Business Agility

6 Simple Ways To Better Understand Business Agility   Business Agility Check out this amazing article from Forbes! “A new study from digital.ai found the adoption of agile has increased from 37% to 86% for software development teams, and adoption has doubled for non-IT groups. Work has become […]

5 Ways To Jumpstart Business Agility

5 Steps To Jumpstart Business Agility   Business Agility Business Agility enables freedom and resilience in the face of change. Its people-centered approach relies on shared values, communication, and collaboration, which starts at the top and flows throughout the organization. Leadership is vital to making Agile work.  […]

Episode 3: Traditional Approaches

Traditional Approaches   Episode 3 https://vimeo.com/508996304 Aaron Kopel Aaron Kopel is the founder and CEO of Project Brilliant LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in Agile transformation and the application of the Agile mindset to entire organizations. He is an Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer […]