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True agility requires a cultural shift. And that change can only come from you. Your leadership is the key to agile transformation success. You are responsible for the culture, structure, policies, and metrics that allow for agility. 

Our Agile Executive programs provide the tools and knowledge you need to improve your organization for the future. 

“With the CIO participating in hands-on training and committing to being visible to our team members, it sent a very strong message top-down to all the IT team members.” – PMO Director


Our services are designed to help you:


Transcend ineffectual habits and biases to become an agile leader.

Increase self-awareness and practice impactful decision-making and behavioral techniques through the Leadership Agility Maturity Model. Our neuroscience-based approach will illuminate how to positively impact every employee across your organization.

Create an agile culture that eliminates unproductive silos.

Dismantle the bureaucratic processes impeding your organization. We’ll show you how to become an agent of change and create a culture that embraces effective communication and collaboration.

Boost performance and employee satisfaction across departments.

Every department adopts agile practices differently. We’ll prepare you for those differences to help you boost performance across departments based on each one’s unique needs. You’ll also learn how to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, giving your staff more ownership in their work and reducing turnover.

Be proactive amid complexity, uncertainty, and rapid change.

When you have the right processes in place, you’ll be more nimble in the face of future unknowns. A proactive agile mindset will help you see the opportunities hidden within even the most daunting challenges and enable you to make better decisions.

The Business Benefits of Agile Leadership


Agility isn’t just an IT priority. It enhances performance across your organization, from HR to sales to finance, and everything in between. We teach business leaders across various industries how to unlock these core benefits:

Aaron Kopel, CEO of Project Brilliant, breaks down Agile Concepts into achievable steps.


Light the way for your organization’s agile transformation. Here are some resources to get started.

Creating a Culture Rooted in Value


Amplifying agile practices inside an organization successfully requires deep industry context. Otherwise, any advice, training, and implementation methods will be generic at best. We take into account the nuances, regulations, seasonal patterns, and technology standards of our clients to develop right-fit agile strategies.

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Learn from the organization that has trained over 1,000 Agile delivery teams. Project Brilliant certified workshops are extremely engaging and present real-world, practical examples that successfully translate to the workplace, whether in person or live online. 

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