Project Brilliant challenges organizations to transcend traditional practices—leading them to long-term sustainability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement through Agile training.

The success of Agile rests squarely on shared values, communication, and collaboration—that’s why we partner with like-minded organizations who share the mission of continuous improvement.

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Agile Leadership Journey™ inspires and catalyzes leaders to improve themself and their organizations through more agile ways of working. Project Brilliant is a proud member of Agile Leadership Journey global cooperative of guides and their organizations. Our leadership workshops & coaching are also based on the Agile Leadership Journey Curriculum. Our collective goal is to develop the awareness and capability of leaders in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments to improve their business outcomes. Learn more:

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Agile Pain Relief offers exactly that—relief from the frustration of misunderstood and misapplied Scrum, Lean, and other Agile practices. They provide coaching and mentoring at the organizational, executive, and individual level. Founder Mark Levison, CST incorporates the neuroscience of learning to develop fun and effective training workshops across Canada. Learn more:

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Grow-Lean LLC® provides Agile training, coaching, and consulting to grow organization capabilities and empower those who do the work while reducing complexity, bureaucracy, and burden. They serve organizations and individuals across North America, Australia Europe, and India. Learn more:

SCRUM With Style

Scrum WithStyle was founded in 2008 as a boutique Agile and Capability Uplift partner by Rowan Bunning, CST. They provide Agile related training and consultancy to IT and software development professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more:

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Founded in 2010, Procognita helps companies to achieve their goals in a dynamic market by promoting Agile and Lean approaches. Based in Poland, they share knowledge to support individuals and organizations across Central and East Europe through training, mentoring, talks, and workshops. Learn more:

Do You Scrum?

Manoj Vadakkan, (also known as Man-OJ) is an expert in Scrum. He has been practicing Scrum for more than a decade. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer and a Certified LeSS Practitioner. He has been working with clients large and small for nearly 25 years. His work experience includes various industries such as Telecommunications, Insurance, Bank, and Media. In addition, he has worked with various government agencies, including The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Census Bureau, The US Navy, The US Airforce, The Veterans Affairs, and the US Postal Services. Manoj lives in Denver, Colorado can be spotted at many Colorado Agile community events. Until 2014, he lived in the Washington DC Metro and engaged in the local Agile community there. He co-founded Agile DC, the premier DC-area Agile conference, a yearly conference attended by 500+ people. Learn more: 

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