Agile Made Simple.

Simplify transformation to its most critical elements:

Products, Teams, Leaders.

Start With Simple


Take control of your Transformation with change that makes sense for you.

AgileOS® uses a customizable approach for your organization, unlocking the ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and achieve long-term success.

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Focus On What Matters:


Emphasize Value.

Deliver value to customers through Product Alignment and Product Management.


Foster Collaboration.

Build cross functional High Performing Teams and Teams of Teams that deliver predictably.


Continuously Improve.

Drive better outcomes with Catalyst Leadership and Transformation Management.


Your organization is unique with its own culture, leadership style, and business goals.  So the team at Project Brilliant meets you where you are and customizes an approach unique to you. 


Adaptable Solutions

We co-create a solution that works for your organization and continuously adapt our engagement as you grow and your needs change.


Guided Change

Communication, voluntary participation, and a clear vision for the future will contribute more to your success than processes and frameworks. That is why change management principles and practices underlie all AgileOS capabilities.


Experienced Partner

Change is uncomfortable for many organizations and individuals. Having an experienced and trusted partner there to guide you through difficult times with a steady commitment to your success makes the difference.


Experience with successful transformation and analysis of failed attempts led the team at Project Brilliant to conclude that too often business transformation efforts run out of steam before meaningful change has been accomplished.  Too often we see companies that:

  • Spend precious time and money on transformation activities that don’t produce lasting results
  • Buy into the hype and buzzwords but neglect critical change management activities
  • Engage in too much work in progress without coordination or clear expected outcomes
  • Lose steam for grassroots transformation efforts without management support

By paying close attention to the value your products deliver, collaboration among your teams, and continuous improvement driven by your leaders, we strip away extraneous activities that divert attention and focus your efforts on changes that make a lasting impact. 

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