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Agile Transformations… Top-Down or Bottom-Up Support?

2015-11-24T01:58:38+00:00 By |

When organizations and teams begin an Agile transformation, there is typically one person or group that is leading the charge. Does it matter if the push towards Agile is coming from the top or the bottom? Below, I will briefly discuss each and talk about which I think is more important. Bottom-up support By bottom-up [...]

Agile Transformations and the Chicago Cubs

2015-10-20T01:56:26+00:00 By |

If you live in or near Chicago or have been paying attention to baseball this year, you know that the 2015 Chicago Cubs have made an amazing turnaround. I have been following the Cubs and have noticed several ways that they compare to a successful Agile transformation. The culture has changed The Cubs new manager, [...]

Location, Location, Location – Working with distributed teams

2015-09-09T01:54:56+00:00 By |

Working with distributed groups is not an ideal situation for an Agile team, or any team for that matter. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to maximize the effectiveness of distributed teams, and I’ve outlined ten below. Step 1 - Relocate Relocate your distributed team so that they are no longer distributed. [...]

User Stories – Size Does Matter

2015-08-18T01:40:20+00:00 By |

  No matter what team I’m a part of or what meeting I’m in, the topic of smaller user stories is regularly broached. The reason? Because it is really important. At the same time, smallerizing stories can be quite challenging. However, as challenging as it can be, it is well worth the effort. Here are [...]