2020 has been a challenging year, but there are always reasons to be grateful!  Here are Project Brilliant’s top (Covid) 19 reasons.


  1. Our travel wary coaches and trainers got some much deserved time at home.
  2. Hosted some outstanding PBLabs events both live and virtual to explore Agile Leadership and changes to the 2020 Scrum Guide.
  3. Participated in a team healthy habits program.
  4. Mastered Zoom.
  5. Learned to use Mural and love it!
  6. Project Brilliant family grew by three: JP Patterson, Jon Jorgensen, and Will Hobick.
  7. Collaborated with excellent partners like Fadi Stephan, Jeff Lopez, Leon Sabarsky, Agile Velocity, Agile Leadership Journey.
  8. Reserved PB Fridays for team collaboration.
  9. Was a Mira Award finalist for Service Partner of the Year.
  10. Partied like rockstars with SMC to celebrate our Mira award nomination!  Mike Loggins, Stefanie Costello, Natalie Robinson, Bob Stephan.
  11. Certified two Agile Leadership educators.
  12. Expanded globally with clients in India, Ireland, and Australia.
  13. Engaged with the global agile community through Agile Albania, Agile Romania, and Agile Africa.
  14. Enjoyed catering from great friends and local catering companies Midday Deli and TURF.
  15. Completed multiple engagements in which 2 or more coaches could collaborate and learn from one another.
  16. Joyfully gave back to Second Helpings, CICOA, and 412 Food Rescue.
  17. Achieved NPS scores on our training and coaching engagements of 91.
  18. Trained more than 600 people in a virtual environment.
  19. Tamed the chaos and killed the Kraken!