Diana Williams

Diana Williams – Director of Agile Coaching

Diana is an inquisitive coach and trainer focused on helping individuals and organizations form strong communal bonds.

She curiously asks thought-provoking questions to encourage dialogue that challenge the status-quo, helping organizations imagine and develop efficient strategies around their goals.

Diana has been in the IT industry for 20+ years. Her Agile passion began while leading the Indiana Department of Revenue through Agile transformation. Subsequently, she has worked in many global organizations, helping improve how they work and interact collectively. She has a wide of experience including developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, IT software manager, and director.

Diana is an avid learner. She is continually looking for innovative, alternative ways to improve herself and the organizations she interacts with. She is passionate about Clean Language, Agile Fluency, and Open Space Agility—where she is both a facilitator and trainer. She has applied these techniques in both the public and private sector by leading transformations, workshops, trainings, and serving as a speaker.

When Diana is not coaching teams or leading transformations, she is very family focused; she especially loves spending time with her grandchildren. As a mother and grandmother, she is an advocate for women working in technology.