Last month we shared Key Product Metrics to help Product Owners and organizations with measures around “ The What”. This month we follow up by exploring measures focused on delivery “The How” to provide Scrum Masters and Agile Teams with some tactical measures for continuous improvement to foster ongoing successful delivery.



# Product Backlog Items(PBI’s) Forecasted

# PBI’s Completed

Predictability Index % (# of PBI’s completed / # of PBI’s forecasted)

# of PBIs added during the Sprint


Cycle Time

# Days from Start to “Done”

# Days from Start to Released


Measuring Flow & Identifying Bottlenecks 

Cumulative Flow Diagrams


Impediment Removal

# Impediments Raised

# Impediments Outstanding

Average Impediments Removal Time


Team Longevity

Scrum Team Member Changes Over Time


Team Health

Team Morale Surveys


Continuous Improvement

# of Continuous Improvement Items Implemented


Scrum Quality

Adherence to Scrum Framework