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Aaron Kopel

Founder & CEO

Ahmed Avais

Business Agiity Coach

Andy Lien

Business Agility Coach

Ben Kopel

Business Agility Coach

Beth Outz

Digital Marketing

David Dust

Business Agility Coach

Diana Williams

Business Agility Coach

Jenif Kochanowski

Jenif Kochanowski

Business Agility Coach

Kristen Kopel

Engagement Planning & Management

What people are saying



“I can’t say enough wonderful things about the quality, value and learning that Ben Kopel delivers. Ben and Project Brilliant are absolutely top-notch providers of Scrum-related education. The depth of knowledge and experience that Ben brings to class are pivotal to the high-quality experience. The use of real-world examples, professional tools and the sense of community fostered within the class all contribute significantly and set up all learners for success.”

Recent Class Attendee

“Extremely professional and educational course. I took the CSM course – one of the best certification courses I have been a part of. The coaches take time to make sure the class understands concepts and fills the course with a great deal of team activity. Best part of all – NO power point slides! Highly recommended!” –


“Project Brilliant empowered us to reimagine our business and how our team works together! They are fantastic coaches. The entire experience is interactive & immersive, with real hands-on practice. Our company was brand-new to Agile, but we felt completely prepared to dive in. The experience was so valuable that we recommend Project Brilliant to everyone.”


“It was such an awesome experience to go through this process with my team. Not only did we get to collaborate and discuss issues and solutions to our current struggles, but we got to work with other peers that enhanced the conversation and made the experience incredibly beneficial!”

Lisa G., VP of IT Services

“Working with Project Brilliant gave us access to a team. It always felt like our coach had the team in her back pocket to bounce ideas off and provide support.”

Kristi Kennedy’s

“Project Brilliant ARE the Agile experts in Indiana, and elsewhere. They have the most talented Agile coaches and trainers that I have ever worked with and are always adding value for their clients. Their training is interactive, never boring, and always insightful. I guarantee that you will take away valuable revelations that will benefit you and your organization. They bring highly experienced, business-focused Agile coaches and consultants to their client engagements, helping them achieve their business goals by delivering value rapidly for their customers.”

Leon Sabarsky

Our company is no longer project/task-oriented. Now it’s more about the people and constant process. We are more excited about delivering a valuable product on a continuous basis than finishing a project at a specific time.

Bob Stephan, Manager, IT Application Services

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