Although Project Brilliant has been doing internal training classes in Pittsburgh for a couple of years, 2019 was the year we got much more involved in the local Agile community.

It will be a year in late January, and it’s been great meeting people, getting involved with various user groups and sponsoring, attending and speaking at local Pittsburgh events.

Here’s a quick recap of our first year…

In May, we sponsored TechFest. CEO, Aaron Kopel, spoke about leadership and we raffled off a free Project Brilliant training class, with the winner receiving an oversized check. To accompany the raffle, we introduced Das Boot – the glass boot where raffle contenders drop their slip of paper for their chance to win. John Selker of Target walked away with the check and free workshop.

In August, we sponsored Abstractions. Director of Agile Coaching – and Pittsburgh resident – Ben Kopel, spoke about the Daily Scrum, Sprint Retrospectives and Agile Technical Practices. Das Boot, the oversized check and the raffle were present again. Abstractions is where we debuted our new Pittsburgh themed t-shirts, with the ever-popular ‘AGILE N’AT’ shirt being a crowd favorite. Tom Kerr of Zoll won the free workshop at Abstractions.

In September, we sponsored the Pittsburgh Product Camp. The raffle, boot, oversized check and t-shirts were back again. It was a wonderful conference and Mary Beth Green of Sheetz was the winner of the raffle.

In November, we sponsored the Pittsburgh Project Management Institute conference. We held a poll at the booth about the most transformational leader of all-time… with Martin Luther King, Jr winning. Eddie Smith of BNY Mellon won the free workshop, and as you can see, he was excited!

Also in November, Ben Kopel helped organize the inaugural PittAgile Gathering, which attracted more than one hundred agilists. Ben and John Davis spoke about ‘Leadership via Empowerment and Delegation‘ in the Leading Agility track. No raffle, but a lot of connections were made, as well as t-shirts and swag were passed out.

In addition to the conferences, we hosted public Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) workshops in April, May, June, July, September, October and December with nearly one hundred attendees.

Project Brilliant also spent a lot of time staying on the cutting edge of the Agile community, so ask us about tools like the Agile Fluency Model, Leadership Agility 360, the Path to Agility or the Competing Values Framework. We would be happy to introduce you to these tools and discuss how they might be helpful.

If you’re interested in Agile and Scrum training, we are the only local Pittsburgh company with a Certified Scrum Trainer, so please check out our training calendar.

If you’re interested in Agile Coaching, we’ve got the only Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Team Coach in Pittsburgh – and we’d love to start a conversation with you.

2019 was a great year and we’re thrilled to be planting roots in Pittsburgh. Please follow us and have a great 2020.