Job Description

Project Brilliant coaches are known for being high caliber Agilists who embody the Agile values and principles, and we appreciate that reputation. Our Senior Agile Coaches are at the heart of our engagement team helping to meet clients where they are and guide them along their journey.

 In this role within Project Brilliant, you will collaborate with our coaches to advance the craft of Agile coaching and the effectiveness of our engagement approach. You are a skillful facilitator who can lead a group session and are equally comfortable as a collaborator. You bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion to share it, balanced with a strong desire to learn from others. You believe we are better together and seek opportunities to help Project Brilliant grow and improve.

 In working with clients, you work with Teams and partner with middle management and key stakeholders to coach, advise, and guide them in enabling change and creating an environment conducive to high performing Agile teams. You are well versed in various Agile frameworks and practices and have various tools in your bag for helping teams and individuals understand concepts and learn by doing. You draw upon your deep Agile experience to provide options, highlight anti-patterns, and point out pitfalls that allow the client transformation to be successful and sustainable in the long term. You help to establish structures, such as communities of practice, and advocate for Agile-friendly policy changes that support self-organization and self-management. You guide, coordinate, and deliver team training and coaching that balances the need for team autonomy and organizational consistency. You understand and empathize with the needs of teams, as well as their managers and close stakeholders and can guide them all through the ah-ha moments of their Agile journey.


  • Collaborate with a team of experienced Agilists and professionals to share experiences and advance learning across Project Brilliant.
  • Use your expertise to coach organizations and guide teams and managers through sustainable outcome-based Agile transformations.
  • Meet clients where they are, assess their needs and goals, and provide guidance and coaching to support their journey.
  • Clearly explain the value of Agile and Agile coaching to instill trust and confidence.
  • Train and coach team members and key stakeholders in Scrum, Kanban and other frameworks, as well as practices they will need to be successful in their roles.
  • Build relationships and work effectively with Teams and their supporting stakeholders to advance engagements.
  • Support business development efforts by collaborating with our sales and engagement management teams.
  • Contribute to the Agile community by presenting at conferences and meetups, and volunteering and facilitating events.
  • Represent Project Brilliant with excellence and integrity, and do the right thing at all times.


  • Key contributor to success in multiple large-scale Agile/Digital transformations
  • Experience coaching/consulting with middle management (ex. managers, directors) 
  • Experience mentoring and coaching Agile teams, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and other individual contributors
  • Experience delivering interactive training workshops
  • 7+ years of Agile coaching experience
  • 4+ years of consulting experience
  • Exceptional self-awareness
  • Deep knowledge in various team (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) and multi-team (LeSS, S@S, etc.) Agile frameworks
  • Expert in-person and remote facilitation skills
  • Remote coaching and training experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Bachelor’s degree desired, Master’s or higher preferred
  • Willing to travel


Joining Project Brilliant means you are a member of the world’s most trusted Business Agility catalyst. We provide world class Agile training, coaching, and transformation consulting services to enable organizations to become truly Agile. We meet our clients where they are, partner to identify tangible outcomes, and collaborate to achieve them together. Our client success stories span nearly every industry, ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

 We are intentional about putting our people first with an emphasis on internal collaboration and learning. We believe that keeping ourselves at the top of our game allows us to bring greater value, new perspectives, and more options to our clients every day. Our thought leadership is showcased through speaking engagements and collaboration with industry groups across the country and around the globe.

Project Brilliant also plants seeds and develops deep roots in its communities by founding, sponsoring, and facilitating dozens of Agile meetup groups and conferences across the country, including those in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis.

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