Transformation Management


AgileOS® will provide you with the fuel for sustainable growth.

Change management is the process of planning, implementing, and monitoring changes in an organization’s processes, systems, policies, or culture. It involves understanding the need for change, identifying the impact of the change, creating a plan for implementing the change, communicating the change to stakeholders, and providing the necessary training and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Effective change management helps organizations minimize resistance to change, ensure that changes are properly executed, and achieve desired outcomes. It is a critical component of organizational success and helps organizations adapt to new circumstances, such as changes in technology, competition, or market conditions.

AgileOS® provides you the tools for guaranteed results if your team strives for continuous agility.


To put it simply, AgileOS® will help you sustain and grow your transformation management. 

Common Pain Points

The struggle with traditional teams.

At Project Brilliant, we have helped guide 10k+ people through their Agile Transformation journey. Here are some of the most common pain points that we hear from customers just like you:
  • “We don’t have a lot of Agile experience.”
  • “We only have a few coaches on staff and need support.”
  • “We want to sustain this on our own.” 
  • “We’ve been Agile for a while, but we are stalled or backsliding.”
  • “We have lost momentum with our Agile transformation.” 
  • “Many of the people filling our Agile roles are new to these positions.”

  • “Our in-house developed training is insufficient.”

  • “Our Executive/Leadership team doesn’t understand what we need from them.”

  • “I need to reduce the overhead of Agile training and coaching.”

  • “I am not seeing the return on my investment in going Agile.”

Sound familiar?

AgileOS® gives your teams the tools to be successful

Change is hard, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that change is accepted like a simple on-and-off switch. With AgileOS, we will provide your organization the tools to sustain and grow agility. We will guide your Agile structures and mechanisms in place to initiate, support, grow, and sustain your Agile Transformation as the journey progresses.


With AgileOS®, you will have tangible results for a lasting impact on your Agile journey.
In our Transformation Management package, you can expect deliverables from our experienced Business Agility Coaches in the following areas:

What encompasses each of these deliverables: 

  • Agile Assessment – Establish a baseline and inform ongoing progress, challenges, and opportunities for the transformation.

  • Agile Leadership Team (ALT)A powerful Guiding Coalition is formed with the ability to drive change throughout the organization. Manages the transformation roadmap and backlog to guide organizational change.

  • Vision & Approach for Transformation – understanding and commitment to the future state, roadmap, implementation plan for transformation.

  • Internal Agile Coaching capability – Agile coaching function established to sustain the transformation through ongoing coaching and training.

  • Agile training curriculum – Agile training offerings established and available to those interested and/or involved in the transformation.
  • Agile Roles established – Job descriptions, career path, and a staffing plan to accommodate new and changed roles in the organization.

  • Agile Roles fully staffed – all necessary roles identified and staffed, with FTEs or PB personnel as needed.

  • Communities of Practice – Initial CoP(s) are sponsored and utilized to support people through the change (ex. SM, PO, Manager).

  • Org Impediment resolution – mechanism in place to identify and address impediments to the transformation.

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