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CEO & Founder

Agility is a mindset.
Agility is an intention.
Agility is an attitude.


Agile is not a process, not a tool, not a “thing.”
The success of Agile rests squarely upon people—shared values, communication, and ongoing collaboration. While techniques, disciplines, and frameworks can certainly guide success, an Agile mindset is necessary for lasting results.

Application Services are Driven by innovation



For most businesses, complex application landscapes containing a mix of legacy systems, digital, and SaaS consume an inordinate amount of IT resources and limit their ability to drive growth. Our application services assist you in rapidly reimagining your application landscape while continuously innovating to realize business value.

We cover all stages of the application lifecycle, from application development to modernization, management, and maintenance.

Continuous Transformation To Improve Agility


Turn ambiguity into opportunity.

Accenture Agile Transformation Services assists businesses in achieving greater agility to accelerate business change. To continuously transform ways of working across the enterprise, we introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices.

Our end-to-end approach enables organizations to deliver high-quality software while also improving responsiveness to business and customer demands.

We have been co-creating solutions with our clients using agile development for over a decade. We now have one of the most talented and experienced agile coaching and delivery teams in the industry thanks to the acquisition of Solutions, a leading provider of Agile transformation services for business and technology.

Our skillsets

Accenture fosters an innovative culture by bringing Development and Operations together, fully utilizing the power of modern engineering techniques supported by coaching, advisory, and training.

Design and implementation

While driving business-IT alignment, we transition traditional delivery to Agile and DevOps for iterative and rapid releases.

Advising and coaching

We educate, mentor, and guide leaders and teams across the enterprise to adopt Agile principles and practices.

Today’s state of business agility

The annual Business Agility Report reveals where organizations are on their journey to becoming more Agile businesses for the third year in a row.

Unwavering commitment to organizational improvement

Adaptable funding models that allow for real-time strategy pivots

Organize around value streams to uncover obstacles and opportunities to deliver customer value faster.

What’s more, this year’s survey responses were collected during the period preceding and during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, giving us a unique perspective on the impact of a global disruption while it was happening.

Creating a Culture Rooted in Value


Amplifying agile practices inside an organization successfully requires deep industry context. Otherwise, any advice, training, and implementation methods will be generic at best. We take into account the nuances, regulations, seasonal patterns, and technology standards of our clients to develop right-fit agile strategies.

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Services for Intelligent Automation


What if your company could self-evolve to keep up with change? Learning processes can assist you in going beyond efficiency and adjusting to change. Use automation to take the lead in the New Year.
RPA (robotic process automation), natural language processing, and virtual agents are all examples of intelligent automation that can help you improve efficiency and productivity in a variety of ways. But it does not end there. Self-learning processes can assist you in empowering employees, strengthening customer relationships, and opening up new avenues for innovation. You may have had success with ad hoc automation, but most businesses have not been able to scale these benefits across the enterprise. Automation investments are proliferating without ever reaching their full potential, whether due to a lack of skilled talent or a clear vision from the top. To be successful, you must take an enterprise-wide approach. This entails not only using AI to improve processes, but also designing new learning processes around it. It is a new way of working that is supported by organizational change and ongoing reskilling. What is the payoff? You’ll combine the best of human ingenuity with self-optimizing AI to solve and anticipate your most pressing challenges, both present, and future.


How we operate

The majority of AI and automation discussions center on technology—the easy part. We collaborate across people, processes, and business functions to ensure that your initiatives are deployed, adopted, and scaled for maximum ROI.



We begin with a maturity assessment and a strategic road map based on your company’s priorities.



We have extensive deployment experience in a wide range of business, IT, and industrial environments.



We can manage and optimize solutions for you, as well as assist you in establishing your dedicated centers of excellence.



Are you ready to make the transition to continuous delivery?

Accenture’s comprehensive DevOps services help you deliver applications at the speed of business. Don’t change. Evolve. The delivery of applications has shifted from large-scale, project-based implementations to continuous evolution. DevOps makes this possible by bringing together business, development, and operations teams and automating IT processes. In today’s digital world, the ability to continuously roll out improved business capabilities has become critical. Discover how DevOps can help you get there. Our offerings Our services cover the entire application life cycle and can be used for anything from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products.

Strategy: We can assist you in identifying the benefits of technological advancements that drive continuous delivery. Accenture can implement and run the tools required to support Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Complementary capabilities:

We offer additional capabilities that go beyond DevOps to enable faster delivery of IT-based solutions, such as:

Agile development is characterized by iterative and incremental processes.

On-demand workload management in the cloud.

Light architecture: Quick installation and efficient operation.

Increased resilience and fewer threats.

Automated testing techniques.

DevOps Advantages

By implementing DevOps, our clients can deliver more quickly and with greater business agility:
Time to go to market.
Reduce time to market by up to 50% by streamlining software delivery.
Throughput Improve team productivity and deliver new functionality more quickly.
Risk Early detection of quality issues, up to 30% reduction in defects across the life cycle.
Resiliency :
The operational state is more stable and secure, and changes are made regularly.

Project Brilliant Team

Aaron Kopel
Founder & CEO
Diana Williams
Business Agility Coach
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Business Agility Coach
Beth Outz
Digital Marketing
Ahmed Avais
Business Agiity Coach
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Engagement Planning & Management
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Business Agility Coach
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Business Agility Coach
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Business Agility Coach

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