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Advance your career with training from the company behind 1,000+ Agile delivery teams. Whether in person or live online, Project Brilliant workshops are highly interactive and provide real-world, tangible examples that successfully translate to the workplace. Jump start your career or your transformation with our certified and experienced trainers who have helped thousands of individuals achieve their best.

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The training company behind 1,000+ Agile delivery teams, from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 firms

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What people say about Project Brilliant’s training

Our company is no longer project/task-oriented. Now it’s more about the people and constant process. We are more excited about delivering a valuable product on a continuous basis than finishing a project at a specific time.”

Bob Stephan
| Manager, IT Application Services

“Working with Project Brilliant gave us access to a team. It always felt like our coach had the team in her back pocket to bounce ideas off and provide support.”

Kristi Kennedy
| Director, IT Project Management Office