At Every Level

Agility can be elusive. We provide the clarity.

As your Agile partner, Project Brilliant will challenge you to transcend traditional practices—garnering longer-term stability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Now it is even easier to address agility at the team, leadership and portfolio levels!

Team Delivery

Whether you are set to launch your first team or have several in practice, Project Brilliant coaches will help you build a solid foundation from which to grow.


Team Liftoff

Sustainable TeamHigh Performing Team
OutcomesLaunch a new well trained Agile teamEstablish a sustainable Agile teamMaximize throughput and performance
Duration1 Month3 Months6 Months
Number of Teams1Up to 2Up to 3
Agile Team Training
Team Formation
Sprint Kick-Start
Backlog Creation & Refinement✓ 
Team Assessment 
Hands-On Team Coaching 
Role-Based Certification Training (CSM, CSPO) 
On-Demand Online Training Curriculum6 Months12 Months
Extended Team Coaching 
Agile Manager Certification Training (CAL-ET) 
Mentoring – Scrum Master & Product Owner 
Multi-Team Coordination 
Scrum Master Community of Practice (CoP) 
Technical Training OptionalOptional
Technical Coaching Optional

Agile Manager

Front line managers have one of the most important roles in transformation. Give your managers the support they need with training and coaching from Project Brilliant.


Agile Manager Bootcamp

Agile Team EnablerAgile Change Agent
OutcomesAwareness to support Agile teamsEmpower teams and support AgilityMaximize team capability and performance
Duration1 Month3 Months6 Months
Agile & Scrum Foundations
Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials (CAL-E)
Certified Agile Leadership – Teams (CAL-T)
Agile Manager Mentoring
Leadership Agility 360 & Action Plan 
Agile Manager Coaching 
Organizational Change Management Training 
Agile Manager Community of Practice (CoP) 
On-Demand Online Training Curriculum6 Months12 Months
Certified Agile Leadership – Cohort Program 
Extended – Agile Manager Coaching 
Agile Scaling Workshop 
Organizational Change Management Training 
Catalyst Initiative Planning 

Agile Executive

Transformation begins with support and direction from the top. Our Agile Executive programs are designed to give executives the playbook for success.


Agile Executive Bootcamp

Agile Org CatalystBusiness Agility Catalyst
OutcomesAwareness to create an Agile OrganizationInitiate org change to support AgilityOptimize the organization for business outcomes
Duration1 Month3 Months6 Months
Agile & Scrum Foundations
Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials (CAL-E)
Certified Agile Leadership – Teams (CAL-O)
Agile Executive Mentoring
Leadership Agility 360 & Action Plan 
Agile Executive Coaching 
Establish Executive Action Team (EAT) 
Executive-level Stakeholder Training 
On-Demand Online Training Curriculum6 Months12 Months
Certified Agile Leadership – Cohort Program 
Culture and Values Assessment 
Extended – Agile Executive Coaching 
Agile Scaling Workshop 
Business Outcome Workshop 
Catalyst Initiative Planning 

Portfolio Management

Deliver maximum value by working on the right stuff at the right time. The Project Brilliant approach to portfolio management is simple and effective.


Product Ownership

Portfolio ManagementMaximize Value
OutcomesEstablish yourself in the Product Owner rolePrioritize broader stakeholder needsMaximize overall value and customer outcomes
Duration1 MonthUp to 3 MonthsUp to 6 Months
Number of People1Up to 3Up to 6
Product Owner Certification Training (CSPO)
Product Backlog Creation & Refinement
PO Mentoring
Persona Development
Stakeholder Mapping
Portfolio Management 
Prioritize By Value 
Multi-Team Product Ownership Techniques
Hands-On PO Coaching
Stakeholder Training
On-Demand PO Online Training Curriculum 6 Months12 Months
Product Definition Workshop 
Value Stream Alignment 
Establish Customer Feedback Loops 
Advanced PO Certification (A-CSPO) 
Product Owner Community of Practice (CoP) 

Agile Assessment

Not sure where to start? Let us have a look. We will meet you where you are and give practical, actionable recommendations to get you where you want to go.


Team Check-Up

Org Agility Check-UpStrategy & RoadmapDetailed Transformation Planning
OutcomesIdentify how to improve your teamOverview of your transformation progress and identify gapsDeeper assessment of your transformation journey and next stepsMaximize your efforts with a detailed transformation backlog and change agent tools
Actionable Team-Level Recommendations
Leadership Team Agile Overview Training
Team Agility AssessmentUp to 2Up to 5Up to 10
Agility Framework Recommendation
Actionable Roadmap-Level Recommendations
Transformation Roadmap Assessment 
Business Outcome Workshop 
Overall Recommendations & Strategy 
Agile Transformation Roadmap 
Culture & Values Assessment
Scaling Framework Recommendation 
Roles & Responsibilities Assessment 
Portfolio Prioritization Assessment OptionalOptional
Detailed Agile Transformation Backlog 
Change Management Approach 
Leadership & Change Agent Training 
Organizational Design Assessment 
Technical Practices AssessmentOptional OptionalOptional
Delivery Pipeline Assessment OptionalOptional